Shop Fronts. 100x90cm. Paint and collage on canvas

Hat Shop. 180x140cm, Paint and collage on canvas 

Vinyl Player on the Living Room Table. 150x130cm paint and collage on canvas 

Two Vases of Flowers on Two Tables. 180x130cm. Paint and collage on canvas 

Living Room Table Drawings. Charcoal and oil pastel on A3 paper

Two Vases on the Shelf. 200x170cm. Oil paint and collage on canvas 

The Pink Interior. 110x90cm, oil paint on canvas

Works from 2018

Studio Table I. 170x130cm, oil painting on canvas. 

Studio Table II. 170x130cm, oil painting on canvas. 

Black and White Studio. 70x70cm oil painting on canvas 

A Fruit Bowl, a Hairbrush and Three Bowls. 110x90cm, oil painting on canvas 

Fruit Bowl I. 70x70cm oil painting on canvas 

What's Inside my Fridge and Freezer. 110x90cm oil painting on canvas

The Fridge. A4 Oil pastel drawings on paper. 

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