Three Vases and Three Shadows. Oil painting on canvas, 180x140cm

Three Boots and One Stiletto. Oil painting on canvas, 30x20cm

Boots on a Carpet. Oil painting on canvas. 130x100cm

Clothes on a Chair I. 110x90cm Oil painting on canvas 

Clothes on a Rail. 180X140cm Oil painting on canvas 

Clothes on a Chair II. 150x130cm. Painting on canvas 


Clothes on a Chair. A3 paintings on paper

Objects on a Dresser. 140x90cm Oil painting on canvas. 

Objects on a Dresser. Pencil and charcoal drawings on A3 paper 

Fruit and Veg Market. 4x3.5 metres. Paint and collage on canvas 

Fruit and Veg Market. A3 oil pastel and collage drawings on paper 

Pink Living Room. 40x60cm. Oil paint and collage on canvas 

Red Living Room. 70x50cm. Oil painting on canvas 

Yellow Living Room. 180x140cm. Oil painting on canvas. 

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