The Space Between, Setareh Gallery, December 2020

SETAREH X is pleased to present the double exhibition the space between by the emerging London based artists Florence Hutchings and Danny Romeril.

Florence Hutchings‘ work is dedicated to the poetry and beauty of seemingly common space and life situations: Aspects of her everyday life, studio settings, insights into her laundry room or living room, which she depicts in a pastose but also two-dimensional painting style that emphasizes the colour contrasts. In this way, everyday life and seemingly banalities become extraordinary compositions and colour events.

On closer examination, Hutchings‘ and Romeril‘s works seem to echo more than 100 years of expressive painting traditions of the Fauvists, such as Derain, Matisse and Vlaminck, over Braque, Picasso, but also Max Beckmann and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Besides the conscious as well as unconscious references to a Modernism – that was criticized as „wild“ or „neo-primitivist“ a century ago and ultimately celebrated after all
– Hutchings‘ and Romeril‘s „Bad Paintings“, with their loose style of painting and their sometimes computer- screen-like flatness, prove to be extremely contemporary. In addition to their art historical references, a fresh, almost anarchic humour in dealing with their famous role models and ancestors who have long been part of art history is unmistakable in these paintings. In times of institutional closures, galleries assume the responsibility to continue and maintain cultural discussions and artistic dialogues. We are delighted to present two English artists together for the first time in Germany who, in addition to their remarkable work, show social commitment in artistic networks, especially in these often difficult times.


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