The Poetry of the Everyday, Beers London, August 2019

In her first solo exhibition since showing with Saatchi Gallery in 2019, Florence Hutchings’ crudely executed domestic scenes have revitalized the genre of interior-scene and still-life painting. Their execution, however, is much more surprising—formed from seemingly haphazard compositions of shapes, collage-like elements, and a vast repertoire of painterly techniques, they create a sort of magical reimagining of Hutching’s own studio space. One sees her painter’s chair, various potted plants, a suggestion of a window, a doorway, a vessel, or – as she has painted in series – her studio ladder, like an arch breaking various painted planes. She states that she is equally as interested in the space around an object as the object itself, which becomes immediately apparent as her brush scours, scrapes, outlines, and traces various elements in and around the picture plane. It is a small selection of pieces that must be seen in person, inspiring, challenging, and full of exploration and optimism.


©Beers London Gallery